Hazleton Shaft Corporation

Wireless IP Camera Industrial Installation- Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. Hazleton Shaft Corporation, a local mining company, had placed their security camera system installation project on hold following disappointing prior consultations about the realism of their propose. It wasn’t until company management became aware of NRSEC’s Hazleton Town Surveillance Project that they began to realize their safety and security needs were not impossible.

After meeting with administration, NRSEC designed a wireless security camera network to cover the property by deploying an enterprise grade wireless network to support IP security cameras. The heart of the system is a Network Video Recorder (NVR), through which the base systems captures HD video surveillance from the Wireless IP Camera Industrial Installation .

NRSEC prides itself on the ability to design and install wireless surveillance equipment to achieve 100% coverage. To do so, NERSA discerned the best course of action was to utilize a hybrid video camera system using HD CCTV cameras with HD ip cameras. Each PTZ wireless IP surveillance camera is deployed and programmed to sweep the property. Not only is this hybrid security system a huge improvement, it has the added bonus of being incredibly cost-effective through utilization of previously installed cameras with considerable upgrades.

Specializing in Industrial, Commercial, Municipal and Educational Facility security integration solutions. We Provide HD Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intercoms, Alarm Systems, PA systems, Wireless and Wired deployments over a small building or large campus. You budget is our only limitation.

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