Architects Golf Club

Golf Club Security System Installation. When Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm arrived to initially survey the beautiful Architects Golf Club property, it became quickly apparent that the existing security system was extremely outdated. Realizing the difficulties of managing such a gorgeous property with antiquated equipment, NERSA set to work on ensuring cutting-edge applications were installed that would guarantee quality and longevity.

NRSEC’s professional team custom-designed a hybrid system with wireless capabilities. The new Security Camera Installation consists of megapixel security cameras placed throughout the facility at key locations with a minimum frame rate of 15 frames/sec. NERSA was also able to incorporate the previously established CCTV cameras at less critical locations with a customized hybrid network video recorder, and record footage from those cameras at a rate of 30 frames/sec.

This design now also includes point-of-sale integration, meaning every transaction entered at a terminal is logged into archived video footage. The recorded transactions can be searched from any of the recorded text. This full-system upgrade has allowed AGC to achieve all of it’s security goals, and provide the world-class experience it prides itself on.

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