Phillipsburg NJ

Municipal Security Camera Installation Phillipsburg NJ. The Phillipsburg Security Camera Installation Project was designed by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC to give business owners and citizens alike additional security benefits. The project was devised so those living and working in the city have the ability to purchase equipment and become part of the organization’s network. The system has been operational for several years, with surveillance cameras strategically placed around the city by NERSA’s trained security professionals. The Town Security Cameras are fed back to the Phillipsburg Police Station where they are both recorded for live view and archived for later review. Officers can watch the cameras on their laptops in the police cruisers as well as on their mobile phones. Local business owners also have the option to purchase recorders to allow local video storage on their premises. These can be programmed to utilize existing on-site equipment, or modernized, newly installed materials. Feedback from the project has been extremely positive, with city officials praising it as a crime deterrent and asset to the town and citizens of Phillipsburg, NJ.

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